PVO México, A.C.
When massive earthquakes struck Mexico City in 1985, no one could imagine that from the tragic destruction and rubble, the spontaneous power of human potential to do good would arise.

In the aftermath of the earthquakes the story of PVO began!

The immediate quake response of the Mexican people, their families, communities, universities, corporations and social institutions, produced one of Mexico's proudest moments. Constance Towers Gavin, wife of then US Ambassador John Gavin, and Janet Rogozinski, an American citizen, formed PVO Mexico A.C., a private non-profit Mexican entity to receive further donations from the US and to enhance cooperation between the two countries.

After the quake emergency, PVO continued to expand its projects. These include building and outfitting medical centers and helping entrepreneurs in poor rural areas and a program to help the disabled, as well as a disaster-relief response program.

In 2010, under the leadership of a new Board, PVO increased its focus on helping young children create and build positive habits and values at an early stage of life.