The work done by PVO is made possible thanks to the collaboration of various individuals, companies, institutions, foundations and associations, either as allied, sponsors, universities that facilitate students for their Social Service and donors; to all of them our infinite gratitude. Among donors are:


Other Allied


Social Service

International Community Foundation
The International Community Foundation was founded in 1990 and seeks to inspire international charitable giving by U.S. donors, with an emphasis on Mexico and Latin America. The International Community Foundation seeks to increase health, education and environmental grant-making to local organizations in Mexico and Latin America, with the goal of strengthening civil society and promoting sustainable communities.

Mujeres in Pajamas

It’s an association located in San Antonio, Texas, seeking funds to support PVO México’s programs. This association offers personal development and learning with the purpose of living in harmony and sharing with women everywhere, giving dignity and a voice to the least privileged of them. It allows people to join forces without any discrimination regarding nationality, creed or race, providing work and educational opportunities.

"If you educate a woman, you educate a family"

Ana Mary Mondragón de Sánchez

General Manager "Mujeres in Pajamas" and PVO México, A.C. Board Member.